Palm School Historic Structure Report

Austin, Texas,

The Palm School is best known as the elementary school that stood in service to the communities of East Austin for 84 years before closing in 1976. The original brick building dates to 1892, and five major additions followed. It is a City of Austin Historic Landmark, and is an important historic icon for the City of Austin and the surrounding neighborhoods.

After recently moving its current uses to other locations, the building owner, Travis County, no longer needs it, and is seeking options. This Historic Structure Report was commissioned at the urging of the Travis County Historical Commission as part of that effort. The report provides the county with historical background of the site and facility, with detailed information regarding the condition of the property along with concepts for potential development scenarios that seek to balance the interest in protecting its history while also monetizing a valuable real estate asset.

Limbacher & Godfrey was a subconsultant to Antenora Architects for this project.

Credit for February 7, 1940 photo, PICA 15136, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.

February 7, 1940, the last day of streetcar service in Austin.