Boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake

Austin, TX, 2014

The purpose of the Boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake is to provide safe, scenic passage across a 1.3 mile gap in the Hike and Bike Trail stretching from the Austin-American Statesman property to Lakeshore Park. Until project completion, this gap diverted trail users onto the busy thoroughfare of Riverside Drive and forced them to cross the I-35 frontage road at grade. The new route runs on dry land, across open water, through a woodland corridor and across wetlands. It captures magnificent views of the skyline and it encounters undisturbed natural scenery along secluded limestone bluffs. The project involved an array of considerations: park planning, federal permitting, watershed hydrology, sustainability and landscape. Limbacher & Godfrey served as Project Architect and architectural design lead during the six-year, $28 million effort to bring the project to conclusion. The Boardwalk Grand Opening was June 7, 2014.

Winner of 2016 TSA Design Award and 2016 AIA Austin Design Award.